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14 Entrepreneurs only! Start your 2022 year with and amazing opportunity to share knowledge, experience, and encourage one another for the best. 

An absolute exclusive event for real estate developers, agents and investors! Come to network with highly successful entrepreneurs to expand your real estate experience with raw and transparent tips & tricks to elevate your business to the next level.

This is not only a networking event, but a place to learn new trade secrets, tips and tricks, new practices, and more. You’ll learn how Dubai came to be home to some of the most innovative and groundbreaking real estate developments.

Are you interested in taking your real estate profession to the next level? Join our International Real Estate Conference in Dubai to experience the power of networking. This event feature leaders and speakers in the real estate industry. Stay on top of the market and network with other investors, vendors, and entrepreneurs from all around the world.

AAE the first Arab business community conference of its kind in the United States! It is a national meeting, coming to our conference will give you the opportunity to meet other businesses, celebrate our achievements, and network here in Detroit, Michigan.