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about us

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Ali Khirbeet


Ali Khirbeet is an ambitious real estate investor, seven figure developer, and cancer survivor. He is the founder of 180 Property Development and DWYL Entrepreneurs, and his portfolio consists of serial successful stories. He is a business magnate, and his career is built on a vision to make a difference and inspire others. Therefore, his achievements were recognized and nominated by Think Realty Honors as one of the top three multi-family real estate developers in the United States.  
As the founder and CEO of the Arab American Entrepreneurs, Ali has a deep-lying desire to make a difference and impact the society. He is solely and incredibly devoted to build a positive community to create a high quality connection platform that motivate entrepreneurs to join nationwide. He is proudly hosting multiple events and conferences throughout the year to retreat, connect, highlight and educate one another.

ED Al-Dulaimi

Communication director

Ed Al-Dulaimi is a passionate and highly intelligent personnel from Virginia. He obtained his Master’s Degree in Computer & Information System Security from Virginia Commonwealth University. In addition, he is an active Real Estate Investor and founder of Omega Property Development, where he design, develop and form new and existing residential properties in his community. 
Thanks to his highly ranked and combined years of experience as an IT and System Analyst, Ed plays an integral role as the Telecommunication & IT Chairman at the Arab American Entrepreneurs. He maintain, perform and assist with all of the technical and administrative duties.
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On a business mission

OUR Mission

Our mission at the Arab American Entrepreneur is to build an ecosystem to accelerate business growth and prosperity.

Together we can accomplish this goal by providing our year round events and conferences to enhance our network communication system.

Our platform and resources focuses on small businesses and entrepreneurship by maintaining an ongoing events to engage and build a meaningful relationships for the benefit of our economy and growth.

OUR Vision

We believes that real estate is not a competition, but a community. At the Arab American Entrepreneurs event, we can create a community for all.

Be the leading voice to advance small business and entrepreneurs the potential to drive our American economy.

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